Visual Facilitation
The so-called Visual Facilitor ("visual moderator") accompanies group processes, while maintaining structures, contents and results visually. It is even possible to have this content recorded by the participants themselves. This ensures emotional involvement, visual language is easy, fun and motivates. Sometimes visually designed templates or similar aids are used.

What is said, heard and seen is visible to all. 
Visual Facilitation turns participants into contributors.

 With pictures easier to the goal - experience the difference!

Breakout sessions: pictures provide orientation and help understanding
Lively communication & interaction with the participants
 (here with co-visual-facilitator Michaela Hillmann)
Primarily images and metaphors play an important role in the interaction with the participants: they simplify the presentation of processes and contexts and arouse emotions - an essential prerequisite for inner participation, learning and change. 

Another positive side effect: time savings and efficiency. On average, visually supported meetings are 30% shorter or goals are achieved 30% faster.

★ Events in all industries, type & size

★ Meetings

★ Strategy meetings

★ Team meetings

★ Discussion rounds, such as World Café or Fishbowl

★ Planning sessions

★ Trainings & seminars

★ Creativity workshops

★ Conferences & other major events

Typically, Visual Facilitating likes to use large paper webs on which, for example, discussions are recorded live and imposingly in mind, can follow the events step by step and be part of the whole process.

Live Recording is also called Graphic or Visual Recording
Participants at a „Vernissage“ of their results
Logging a panel discussion in real time

In addition, Visual Facilitation uses so-called templates. These are visual stencils that participants can use to work alone or in small groups. They show the task, stimulate creativity, guide through a process and equally provide enough space for own ideas and solutions.
This template shows task, which can also be filled with post-its

A digital version of visual templates for interaction with the participants
Rich yield from several parallel breakout sessions
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