Do you want to breathe life into your story and make a video? Want to animate it and put it on YouTube?
 Or provide your staff with web-based training?

Together with you I create the storyline and the script, develop the visualizations, start with the drawings and finally produce your film together with a video production team. Your audience will love it!
The way to your video

Whether in time lapse on the whiteboard or as an animated character video, in German, English or any other language, voiced-over by me or other professional speakers, with accompanying subtitles, set to music, combined with real images or filmed scenes - your film fulfills all your wishes.

But before there’s a lot to do in advance:

★ Set theme & areas of application

★ Define target group & goals

★ Clarify responsibilities & deadlines

★ Schedule / Screenplay & Appearance / Scribbling

★ Detailed elaboration of scenes, pictures & texts

★ Sketches or illustrations

★ Animation

★ Speaker recordings

★ Music composition

★ Soundtrack

★ Film cut & mix

With professional cooperation from the film business, post production, photography, editing and music, we guarantee you professional results and the highest satisfaction - films you can be proud of.

Call me with your details and I‘ll be happy to make you a concrete offer.
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