ROCKETPICS represents visualization, image language and effective communications.
Jahreskonferenzen der Internationalen Visualisierer

ROCKETPICS' was here:
2018 EuViz Copenhagen/Denmark - accompanied by Michaela Hillmann & Lilly
2016 IFVP Washington DC/USA
2014 EuViz Berlin - accompanied by Lilly
2013 IFVP New York City/USA - running a workshop on apps
2012 IFVP Pittsburgh/USA
ROCKETPICS Shop opened!

The world's 1st image database for hand-drawn illustrations has arrived!

Several thousand pics are already waiting impatiently for their download - and more are being added every day!

To the employment in presentations, Flyer, on Websites, advertising novelties and and and. Our stock material comes from different illustrators and therefore shows itself in different styles.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Digital Drawing Workshop
Mai 2, 2019
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