Graphic Recording
Graphic recording, visual recording or live visualization - different terms, one meaning: the creation of visual logs in real time. This catchy method is suitable for working with small teams as well as for conventions and other large-scale events. An experience that you need to see for yourself!
The main purpose of graphic recording is to record the key messages from lectures or discussions or question-and-answer sessions and to record them live. Quotations from the participants, expressed comparisons or other spontaneous events and observations are often particularly valuable. The whole then serves to secure the results, but also the orientation for the participants and further brainstorming.
Analog visualization on paper

Different media can be used in graphic recording, whereby the classic variant is working on large-format paper. Live and in front of the participants visualization is created in XXL-format. It starts with the pinboard format (1.40 x 1.20 m and can be adapted, depending on the size of the group and the occasion.

Yet the best way to visualize this is with a special graphic board with flexible elements that can be plugged together. This results in very large surfaces in almost unlimited width. This type of graphic board comes with a "continuous paper" device and allows you to create pictures with a total width of up to 22 meters! Currently ROCKETPICS has 10 panel elements of 74 cm each, so that a single wall could be built up over 7 meters.

We would be happy to discuss with you what is suitable for your room and your use.
Digital Visualization on iPad

Online visualizations have the advantage that everything is recorded digitally. Post-processing is eliminated and the results are immediate vivid, crisp high-resolution images. In addition, if there is anything to correct, it's quick and easy. Particularly suitable for summaries of individual lectures, impulses, smaller live sessions, individual statements or interim results.

Because of the constant change between zooming in and out, online visualization is less suitable to be shown in front of the audience. The overall result is more presentable here: one image that can be stored and sent in any conceivable file format, integrated into PowerPoint presentations, uploaded to the homepage, the intranet or in social media channels - the applications are diverse.

ROCKETPICS visualizes with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. Best quality for excellent results and demanding customers.
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