Questions and Answers
Which services do you offer? What is meant by "Visual Services"?

My offer includes almost everything that can be drawn, illustrated and accompanied, both with markers and pens and with the PC or iPad: Graphic Recording at congresses, meetings, annual meetings and more, moderation, trainings & workshops. I also illustrate posters, workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, create individual giveaways, maps & folders, seminar documents etc. or create your video.

Which sectors do you work for?
Basically for everyone. Although I come from the IT industry, most are struggling with the same issues: resource scarcity, customer acquisition, marketing programmes, strategy alignment, trends, recruiting, and employee retention - which interests both the IT and pharmaceutical, financial, and automotive industries.

Do I need to provide materials when I hire you as a Graphic Recorder?

No. I bring everything - from markers to pastels and paper to the XXXXL visualization wall. All inclusive. And always the best quality. I also take care of the digital equipment, if needed.

What equipment do I have to provide if I hire you as an in-house Visualization Trainer?
The participants, who want to learn to visualize, always work in pairs on a pin board (also called a Metaplan Wall). I usually need 1 flipchart. The flipchart and the pinboards are usually made available by the client, but can also be provided for a fee. I bring everything else (paper, markers, pencils, chalks, moderation cards, etc.) with.

How much does a graphic recording cost?

Every event is different. And that's why every graphic recording is different. Once I know the basic conditions (start, end, number of participants, size of the event, target group, goal, key notes / workshops / panel discussions, ...), I can tell you almost exactly what the project will cost. After a telephone or written briefing, I will gladly make you a concrete offer. My calculation follows a fixed strategy, with varying costs, depending on the complexity (conception, setup / break down, room preparation, handouts, workbooks, visualization, live recording, image processing, documentation, photo protocol, etc.). I always make everything transparent and thus completely comprehensible. I'm pretty good at estimating the outlay. Nevertheless, it can be that I need a little more time, but also less time somewhere else. This is taken into account in the billing. I only charge the true expenses.
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