About us
Established in Munich in 2008 by Manuela Kordel, ROCKETPICS has always stood for visual communication at the highest level. With markers on paper, digitally with the Apple Pencil on iPad or with an analogue brush on a 98 '' touchscreen, as small icon, a DINA3 illustration or even as an XXXL protocol or large print, whether live or as a studio work – everything’s possible.
Manuela Kordel

"Coming from both an enterprising and an artistic family, self-reliance and entrepreneurial thinking, on the one hand, and art, painting and the stage, on the other hand, have always defined my life. In my job as Visual Facilitator, Graphic Recorder and Consultant, I am able to combine both these talents with intuition to bring even the most contrasting characters, opinions and interests to a common goal. Visualization, as a method, is an essential part of this. "
About me

★ Born in 1969 in Trier in the beautiful Moselle wine area
★ My roots: Family of entrepreneurs and artists 

★ My home: Munich - since 1996 

★ Personal evolvement is my focus

★ What’s important: creativity, humour and aesthetics

★ What’s important to me: Quality and authenticity

★ I enjoy: Art, writing, languages
Job History

2017: Founding of ROCKETPICS GmbH, Managing Partner

2016-2017: Co-founder of & Trainer at
in Munich

2016-2017: Managing Partner at MIA Facilitation GmbH

2012-2014: Cooperation Partner for the

2010-2012: Lecturer in Communication and Presentation & Visualization at the
FH für angewandtes Management

2010-2012: Trainer & Moderator,
Corporate Training Academy
, Fujitsu
Since 2010: Consulting & Services as Visual Practitioner & Graphic Recorder
2008-2012: Business Coach, Trainer, Moderator
2008: Start as a Freelancer for self-employment
2005-2010: Senior Project Manager, Education and Training,

2001-2005: Marketing & Communications, Head of New Media, Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

2000-2001: Customer Relationship & Sponsoring Manager,

1998-2000: MarCom Specialist (Press & Internal Communications) at
Oracle Software
in Switzerland

1996-1998: Assistant to the Management, Event Manager Siemens Nixdorf and Siemens Business Services
A wealth of experience

★ Graphic Recording at congresses and other major international events
★ Analogue and digital illustration, live or studio work
★ More than 13 years of international experience in the IT industry
★ Focus Marketing and Communication, web and training
★ 2 years international experience (Switzerland)
★ Many years of management experience in Middle Management
★ International project experience, Project Management
★ Successful management of teams, also with virtual teams
★ German native speaker, fluent English
★ Immense worldwide network of experts in all fields
Certifications, Education & Training - never stop learning

2018 EuViz European Conference for Visual Practitioners in Denmark

2016 Annual IFVP Conference in Washington DC/USA,

2016 The Lab by Brandy Agerbeck, Loosetooth, Chicago/USA
2014-2015 Facilitation Curriculum

2014 Annual IFVP Conference EuViz in Berlin,

2014 Graphic Recording Business Boot Camp, Five Elements Consulting, Long Beach/USA

2013 Annual IFVP Conference in New York City/USA, IFVP

2013 Teaching Graphic Recording Bigger Picture, Denmark bei IFVP, New York City/USA

2012-2013 That Creative Space at Alphachimp, Nashville/USA

2012 Annual IFVP Conference in Pittsburgh/USA, IFVP
2012 Graphic Recording IFVP, Pittsburgh/USA

2011 Strategic Visioning The Grove, San Francisco/USA

2010 Visual Facilitation I & II

2009-2010 Moderator of Business and Communication dgfMod

2005-2010 NLP Coach & NLP Instructor Trainer
dvct e.V.

1991-1997 Completed Degree in Business Administration at the University of Trier
1989-1991 Banking Apprenticeship as Bank Clerk, IHK
1988-1989 Commercial Private School. Commercial College
1988 High School Certificate

★ Born in Hungary in 2006

★ Lady Mudi-dog mix

★ Came to Germany in 2011 and has since worked at ROCKETPICS

★ Hobbies: Walks, chasing rabbits, shredding paper on the floor, travelling in the car, exploring new things, sleeping

★ Favourite food: Vienna sausages

Lilly Discount: If she’s allowed to come to the customer, the bill is slightly cheaper!
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