In addition to the open workshops in which, principally, everyone can participate, ROCKETPICS also offers in-house workshops. The latter are tailored to the customer and his needs.
To learn to visualize, you really don’t need to be an artist. It's not about art, it's about bringing things to a point - simplifying them and making them understandable. It's like an easy and universally understandable language.

In the workshops, we learn the principles and components of the visualization step by step, together. After 1 or 2 days, the basic elements are established and own visualizations can continue. Caution: visualization is addictive!

Full service
Of course, we bring along everything you need for professional visualization: markers, pens, chalks, paper - in large quantities and in different versions for you to try out.

If you like, there are starter kits with professional markers and visualization accessories for to begin with at once. And should you not have enough pin boards or flipcharts - we'll be happy to organize that too.

★ German

★ English
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