SPECIAL: Graphic Recording Boot Camp

Ein ganz besonderer Workshop findet im April in der Nähe von Kopenhagen statt. Expertin Michelle Boos-Stone aus Long Beach/Kalifornien kommt nach Dänemark und bietet fortgeschrittenen Graphic Recordern ein echtes Boot Camp.

Dabei geht es weniger ums Visualisieren selbst, sondern mehr um Themen wie Positionierung, Verkauf, Marketing und Organisation, nach dem Motto "Successful Graphic Recorders Do it Differently".

Termin: 15.-17. April 2019
Sprache: Englisch

Kursbeschreibung Graphic Recording Boot Camp (974,20K)
Das erwartet die TeilnehmerInnen:

Learn how to BRAND, MARKET and SELL GRAPHIC RECORDING/FACILITATION as a critical service to your clients... but also how to BRAND and SELL THE UNIQUENESS THAT IS YOU!

Figure out what YOUR OWN VALUE PROPOSITION is, and the mindset shift it takes to make YOU and your work special and unique in a growing industry.

Learn the tools (and secrets!) of EXCEPTIONAL CLIENT ENGAGEMENT, and how to collaboratively partner with your clients

GROW YOUR GRAPHIC RECORDING/FACILITATION SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE through sharing best practices, and learning to streamline the logistics of running your business, template and project customization, using metaphors powerfully, utilizing color theory and gobs more.

GROW YOUR CONTENT KNOWLEDGE, PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ACCUMEN and GENERAL FACILITATION SKILLS to become a “business generalist” that understands how to best meet...and exceed...your clients’ goals and outcomes regardless of the meeting or project
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