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SOUL BOTTLE Water Bottle

It’s finally there! The ultra-cool ROCKETPICS water bottle! Naturally sustainable, made of glass and ceramic with a stylish retro clip closure.
READY FOR TAKE OFF! Here’s to many fresh thoughts & sparkling ideas!

Material: glass, ceramics, natural rubber

Capacity: 0.6 l or 470 g

Diameter: 7.5 cm

Price: 39 € each
including VAT, postage and packaging (Germany)

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The little extra brain for on road. Storage capacity 4 GB.

Price: 9 € each

including VAT, postage and packaging (Germany)

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For a complete overview of your projects and (visualization) ideas!

Exquisite, high quality portfolios of fine printed cardboard for filing and collection of loose sheets, documents, slips, drawings and much more!
Sort yourself happy!

Material: cardboard
Color: raspberry red / vanilla

Format: DINA4, 3 mm filling height

Layout: 1 insertion slide on the left, 1 bag on the right. With business card slot on the bottom right.

Price: 6,99 € (3 pieces)

plus 2 € shipping fee

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Stop hackers and spies!

This is how it’s done:

Simply glue a Cam-blocker sticker over the camera of your notebook, iPad or other device.

Naturally you can take off the sticker from your camera at any time and share yourself with the world out there again.

Price: 5,99 € (4 pieces)

plus 1,00 € shipping fee

Design: paw (red) & rocket (vanilla);
The standard set consists of 2 x paws and 2 x rockets

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This pretty work & scribble book accompanies all visual thinkers, note-takers, sketchnots and those who want to become one. Its handy DINA5 format makes it the ideal companion in everyday life, whether at home, in the office or on the go.

The ROCKETPICS workbook is intended as ...

... collection of ideas,

... source of inspiration or simply as a

... creative doodle book.


★ Little drawing school
★ This is me
★ My goals
★ My hobbies
★ Living life
★ Travel bug
★ Healthy living
★ My finances
★ Let's go! Personal Action Plan
★ Quiz
★ Lots of room for your own ideas

Size: 108 pages, incl. small drawing school, sticker sheets & 2 Camblocker stickers

Format: DINA5, spiral bound

Language: German & English (please specify language when ordering)

Price: 14,00 €

(OPTIONAL: Matching pen set with 1 permanent marker (1 mm) plus 1 brush marker each in grey and red = additional 7.50 €)
plus 3,00 € shipping fee

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Material: embroidered felt and rubber band

Color anthracite
Other: Made in Germany

Suitable for: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S

Price: 10,99 €

plus 3,00 € shipping fee

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The ROCKETPICS display cleaning cloth

Touchscreen Wiperl

Are fingerprints obstructing the view of your smartphone? Then you need the wiper made of delicate microfiber cloth!

How it works:

1. Stick the self-adhesive wiper on the back of the smartphone.

2. Remove if necessary ...

3. ... and clean the display with the microfibre side of the wiper.

4. After use, stick it on the reverse side and keep it there until you need it again.

Price: 4,99 € (3 pieces)

plus 1,00 € shipping fee

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